Being grateful is an act of kindness

Being Grateful Is a Daily Act of Kindness With Ourselves

Being grateful is a daily act of kindness with myself. Learning how to be grateful helped me to start observing everything around me with more positive and loving eyes.

One of my biggest life lessons has been understanding its importance, for who I am, and what I have achieved. It has not been easy. There was a time in my life when I constantly kept falling, into the deep dark and wide hole of “not enough”. This process changed my perceptions on every aspect of my life that I thought I did not have. 

The “not enough” hole kept feeding me thoughts like, “my environment is not good enough”, “my education is not good enough”, “my earnings are not enough”, “my social circle is not good enough”, “my clothing is not good enough” and “I am not good enough”. I was focusing on “not enough” in every area of my life. This made my life much harder than it should have been.

This “not enough” way of thinking gave me countless hardships, taking me far away from the joy and blessings of my present. It leads me to worry of future insecurities. By observing myself through my “not enough” eyes, I jeopardize all of the opportunities that were carefully given to me to enjoy, learn and grow from. 

The problem with my way of thinking was that it not only made me unhappy. This had me comparing myself to other people. Do not get me wrong. It was important to compare myself to others, to learn from their successes and failures. It was good to admire their strengths, work hard daily to achieve my goals as well. I was not doing any of these.  

I was devaluing myself against others and feeling miserable. My points of reference were far off from my reality, messing up my happiness. For example; I should not have compared myself to people in situations different from mine, who was experimenting with certain life events that required hours of training, environments, and skills that I did not have. 

This brought me a bitter taste and stopped me from being satisfied with my lot. I made it my goal to change my attitude – to make my points of reference more realistic and to serve as positive external motivators.

The process of rephrasing these references is about starting to acknowledge what I did achieve and possess, remembering especially the fact that we have the freedom, ability to be and create what we want.

I realized that I had to have control over my thoughts, leading to control over my emotions, hence my actions. However, simply coming to a realization was not enough. In order to start making the effort to change my behavior, I had to help myself with daily reminders on my calendar, even using some “post sticks” on my walls. I had to drill into my mind the fact that we humans tend to judge ourselves by reference points, often irrelevant. Making us feel inadequate. This, in turn, leads us to revise and reconsider goals, aspirations that just cause confusion and insecurity. 

I adopted a new behavior to being grateful every day. I open my eyes in the morning to the taste and sounds of nature. I listen and touch and appreciate how it all makes me feel. Being grateful allows me to digest all of it. Irrespective of what I do not have, there is always something productive that I do, that’s worth being grateful for. Getting here was not easy, it took time and effort. 

Being grateful is a daily process that starts in believing that we deserved to be happy

We are facing temptation. We are constantly drawn in by a consumption-driven society. Is attempting to make us feel, that who we are or what we have is not enough. The truth here is that we do not have to be sucked in. We can change our thoughts to decide what we want for our personal growth. It is all about becoming a better version of ourselves. How we decide to feel today, what steps to take towards it is called “fulfilling life”. Living at peace with ourselves. This includes choosing not to process the information that makes us feel unworthy, is about letting and keeping the one that nurtures us. 

Our situation will never be perfect. There will always be something missing. There will always be more to learn, experiences to gain, habits to change and acquire. How soon we get to our goals will depend on our attitude. Understanding that getting to where we want to go, will require a lot of effort and patience.

Here are some reminders of why is so valuable to be grateful every day of our lives. 

Being Grateful is a Daily Act of Self-love

  • It helps you to cope with life challenges.
  • Made you who you are today.
  • Reminds you, that there is still a future to create.
  • It allows you to enjoy anything in your life at a deeper level.
  • It helps you to see everything around you with positive and loving eyes.
  • Reminds you of the unconditional love you give and take, for all the small things. Because there’s so much beauty in them, we often fail to appreciate. 

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