This is How I Serve You

“You are the pilot, and I am your copilot. Let’s  start by drafting your beautiful life Journey” I am so happy to start this Journey with YOU!

About the Journey

I am Victoria, and I live my life in such a way to remind you that your mind is the foundation upon which everything else is built. That listening to your gut, taking chances, and playing full out is always worth it. I love traveling, I had the opportunity to live in Europe, Asia, South, and North America for years, creating and designing programs related to personal development, Culture and Wellbeing in and out of organizations.

I am dedicating my life to be the best version of myself and helping others to achieve positive changes by working full-in with their mindsets. Working with our minds is our starting point, is not an easy task yet is a fascinating one.

I am Inspiring people to get out of their comfort zones, peeling the onion, getting to the root and unlocking your potential to resolve and grow. I love to work with game changers, people creating impact, dedicating their lives to make a difference!

Let’s Work Together!

wov Victoria Founder

Reinventing Yourself

How it works

What is About

We start in your present moment, tackling the now, and what is happening. I help you organize internal (you) and external (environment) beliefs in a way to allow your mindset to flow, change and adapt.

The Process

Is about dissecting problems, break it into pieces, observe it subjectively - a shift of perspectives, recreate scenarios, implementation with awareness, observing emotions hence actions.


Operating with an abundance mindset, co-create and expand. Reviewing resources, options & actions. Installing motivation, commitment, calibrating and keeping you in track to celebrating success constantly!

Discover Tools

Some of the tools are mapping life daily & weekly actions. Call & Write - all the process of consulting & coaching. Journal & Support: You will have full support for your process. Audios & Videos for Guidance.

Create Mind & Body Set

Experimenting + Beliefs System GPS - Vision + Flow Design & Create - Discovering potentials for wellbeing Ground - Problem solving, changing perspectives & new conditionings

Topics & outcomes you will create!

Mind: Finding the areas you ignore and Create your highest self and dissolving blocks.

Is About crafting focus + clarity.

Introspection Process: Discovering the Authentic Self, building Self Worth & Esteem. Increased Self Confidence & Self-Motivation. Happiness, love, wealth.  Getting Your Own Needs Met.

Perceptions: Increasing the ability to identify solutions to specific life-related issues. Greater ownership & responsibility. Overcoming obstacles. Increased ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues.

Balance: Development of self-awareness. Improvement of specific behavior. Confidence & Positive mindset, Loving Relationships that work. Management emotions: joy, fear, anger, sadness, frustration and stress.

Accountability: Goal Creation. Improvement of skills or behavior. The Mastery of Balance.  Career: Improvement in individual’s performance, targets & goals also engagement. Productivity & Efficiency at work.

Going from A to B: Openness to personal learning and development.  Increased Joy & Passion. Living Your Purpose

"Do what you love everyday & Get so good that they can’t ignore you"

What I do?

I Design, Create Unique Experiences of Coaching, Yoga and Meditation. You and I have a BIG work to do. 

This space is all about Personal Growth & Well-being. Giving you the tools to transform your mindset and get results. Some of the techniques I use are effective communication, positive psychology, growth mindset, focusing on restore and resolve challenges. Involves Beautiful Sessions of Yoga and Meditation.

How You and I Work Together
On & Offline


We starts where you are now and where you want to go personally & professionally. This space is about starting to cultivate and refine the vision you want for yourself. I will pull out your soul’s goals, prioritize them, help you take action, and most of all, have fun in the process.​


Fun Spaces filled with coaching tools, yoga, and meditation. If you are looking to get the time to work on your dreams, immerse in a profound introspective process of who you are, where you want to be, what do you want to create and meet great humans like you while doing so. Then this is made for you.

Let’s make awesome things, together.

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