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What I do?

If you have decided is time to work on your Personal Growth, then you are on the right place.

I have created a One Month Program with a fun Process to help you Uncover, work and love things about yourself.  Using Coaching tools, Yoga, and Meditation, to work on your Mindset and overall Well-being.

A bit about myself, I am a ACC Certified Coach, also did 400 hours of Yoga Teacher Training Tantra and Vinyasa. Most importantly I have been practicing and working on Personal Growth for more than 10 years, now I want to share it with you. Some of the tools for transformation are effective communication, positive psychology, growth mindset, focusing on restore and resolve challenges.

You and I have BIG work to do.  

How We Work Together


We start with a Discovery Call, to know where you are now and where you want to go as a person. This space is about starting to cultivate and refine the vision you want for yourself. I will pull out your soul’s goals, prioritize them, help you take action, and most of all, having fun in the process.​

Monthly Program

If you are looking to get the time to work on your dreams, immerse in a profound introspective process of who you are, where you want to be, what do you want to create and meet great humans like you while doing so. Then this is made for you.

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What is WOV?

Walk of Victory is a space full of passion and expertise. I have built a creative and Powerful monthly Program to work on your Transformational Journey. It doesn’t offer any sort of magic, it offers 1-1 Coaching Sessions along with Yoga and Meditation to help your process into Well-being.  It is all about Reinventing Yourself and Hacking Your Mindset to Grow.

Unlock your full potential and start writing your own life book. 

I am committed to helping you get you clear on what you want, why you want it, and how to get it so that you can create and live the lifestyle that makes your eyes light up

What Clients Say

Victoria is devoted to guide others into a path of light and triumph. I adore her fierce ability set people’s mind free from limiting beliefs by throwing the right questions and offering wise thoughts. She is gifted with a curious mind, that loves to observe, to question, to understand, to connect. All these qualities infused with her craving to witness humanity living its highest potential, have transformed Victoria is one the most inspirational life coaches I’ve come across. I've met Victoria in Malaysia and since then, I am always thrilled to connect with her, she is that person who will elevate your being, touch your heart and help you navigate through your deepest wishes and worries in a more conscious way.  Grateful for her presence in my life.
Isa Machado
Yoga Master & Marketing Expert.
First of all thanks to all the forces involved in this process of change and evolve. María Victoria thank you for letting me see beyond, and give me the right tools to believe more in myself, my strengths and weaknesses.
Through this process, I was able to think with patience and love on what I want for myself, what are the things that make me happy and to be able to start doing what I want in life. After the process, I was quite surprised because it has served me to achieve short-term goals and these were through different processes, in entirely different positive ways and easy to follow too.
Nadia Mosquera
Designer & Professional Dancer
Through this process, I finally knew how to turn ideas into actions as well as the ability of planning. I have a good insight about what I want and what I am passionate to do. It also helped me build a sense of initiative, self-efficacy, and need for achievement. I gain a broad knowledge of entrepreneurship and the role entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship plays in modern economies and societies.
Entrepreneurship that enabling me to run a successful business of my own with a confidante. I am so positive, willing to take the risk with knowledge and motivated in realizing opportunities.
Loubna Tawfik
Marketing Expert

Start Now Your Journey.

“Most people live their lives based on limiting rules and outdated beliefs” 
Is time for you to start creating your own Story.

I do my best to reply to inquiries promptly, in the event that you would like to reach me faster please call me or send me an email. ​

I am looking forward to meeting You!

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